Preventable birth injuries – what to do if you think that your family has been affected

Serious, and avoidable, birth injuries are thankfully rare but if your family has been affected, we understand the devastating impact that this has on your child and the entire family.

Serious, and avoidable, birth injuries are thankfully rare but if your family has been affected, we understand the devastating impact that this has on your child and the entire family.

The first step is to raise your concerns and complain to the hospital direct. Often, families are left feeling unsupported and unsatisfied with their questions left unanswered following this process.

Taking the legal route in these circumstances is by no means easy. Families who suspect, or know, that their baby’s significant, and life changing, injuries could have been avoided should seek specialist legal advice.

Taking this route is often unavoidable in order to get the answers needed for peace of mind and also to provide the information required to best support a child’s needs. The care needs of a child left severely physically and psychologically injured are significant and there are funds available to compensate families in these circumstances.

Leading birth injuries solicitor Diane Rostron explains: “Many of the families that we represent have come to us after exhausting communication with the hospital involved. They understandably want to understand what happened, why it happened, and they need empathy and support. A significant birth injury has a lifelong impact which will often include physical and psychological disabilities.

“Parents in these circumstances are under significant strain. They are traumatised by what happened, anxious and angry and extremely concerned about how they will cope financially and practically to meet the extensive needs of their child.

“Birth injuries are complex, and the legal process is lengthy involving obtaining medical records from the hospital, instructing independent medical experts and relying on transparency from the professionals and health provider involved.

“It is important therefore that affected families talk to a lawyer who specialises in birth injuries as these
are particularly complex cases. Some of our clients have spent years with a solicitor who hasn’t been able to progress their claim to a successful conclusion, further adding to their trauma, before instructing our team to take over their claim.

“We have been dealing with birth injury claims for more than 20 years. We understand that our clients need more than a legal expert when they go through this difficult process. We offer understanding and empathy with the right team of both legal and medical experts at hand.

“We help our clients make sense of what happened and ultimately, achieve the compensation that is so desperately needed to allow them to give their child the best possible care and support as they learn to live with their extensive, and complex, disabilities.”

Diane Rostron and her team of specialist medical and legal birth injury experts have a strong track record recently securing a £multi-million compensation settlement for a family in South Wales.

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