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Patient safety in crisis

Maternity issues are now one of the biggest challenges facing hospitals in England and Wales. Failings in medical care in maternity units across the country are coming to light as serious patient safety concerns, many of which have been exposed as dating back for decades, are being identified. The recently

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Everything you need to know about stillbirth claims

Losing a baby as a result of a stillbirth is devastating and traumatic. Stillbirth incidents occur in one in every 250 births in England according to the NHS. Some stillbirths cannot be explained, nor prevented. These incidents may have occurred because of complications such as the baby having a genetic

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A guide to birth injury compensation claims

Taking legal action is often a last resort, however, for families affected by suspected medical negligence, birth injury compensation claims are the only way to ensure that their child’s complex needs are met. UK law in relation to medical errors is fault based. This means that families who suspect that

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