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Making a birth injury claim – what you need to know

Making the decision as a family to pursue a birth injury claim following a serious incident that is believed to have been preventable often follows frustrated attempts to receive an acknowledgement and answers from the hospital responsible. In some cases, it may be some time before it is realised that

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Pursuing a birth injury claim – what you need to know

It may take some time for a significant birth injury to be discovered. In some cases, the resulting injuries may not be apparent, or fully understood, for some years. For families who suspect that their baby may have sustained a preventable injury at birth and are considering whether to pursue

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In the news

ITV News Wales, 15 November 2019

Diane Rostron talked to ITV News Wales after successfully securing £17.9 million for a South Wales family following a preventable birth injury at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital. The family had complained direct to the hospital following the incident in 2012 but their complaint was not upheld. The hospital conducted its own Serious Case Review but concluded that no mistakes had taken place. We represented the family and legal action resulted in liability being admitted and much needed compensation to cover their child’s extensive care needs for life.

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