Video FAQ's

Should I consider making a birth injury claim?

If you are questioning whether to start a birth injury compensation claim, specialist birth injuries solicitor Diane Rostron explains why mothers should trust their instincts.

Should I continue to fight if a previous law firm has given up?

Diane Rostron offers in excess of 25 years’ experience in investigating complex birth injury claims. She explains why parents shouldn’t give up if one, or even two, previous law firms have failed to settle their claim.

How do I choose the right firm of solicitors?

Choosing the right solicitor to help pursue a birth injury claim can be daunting. Instructing a birth injury specialist, with a strong track record of succeeding in these complex claims, is critical. Diane Rostron explains why.

Do I need to instruct a law firm in my local area?

Pursuing a birth injury compensation claim may feel daunting. Specialist solicitor Diane Rostron explains why instructing the right team of experts, regardless of location, is critical to a positive outcome.

How much will it cost to pursue a claim?

Catastrophic birth injury specialist Diane Rostron explains the costs involved in no win no fee compensation claims.

How long will a birth injury claim take?

Birth injury expert Diane Rostron answers one of the most common questions regarding how long it takes to investigate, and settle, a complex birth injury claim.

Will a claim against the hospital affect my child’s care there?

Birth injury lawyer Diane Rostron reassures parents that starting a compensation claim will have no impact on the medical care being provided to their child at the same hospital.

Will I have to go to court if I start a birth injury claim?

Expert birth injury lawyer Diane Rostron answers a frequently asked question around whether attending court is necessary for parents pursuing a compensation claim for their child.

What happens to the compensation if we win?

Compensation claims for catastrophic birth injuries leading to lifelong, complex disabilities, are substantial £multi-million settlements. Birth injury specialist Diane Rostron explains what happens after a claim is won.

Do we have to tell people if we are successful in our claim?

Birth injury expert Diane Rostron answers this frequently asked question.


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