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"If I know what love is, it is because of you."

Diane Rostron

My team and I work closely with families getting to know them, their circumstances, and their family’s needs following a serious birth injury.

I started my legal journey in 1993 qualifying as a solicitor. I soon discovered that the complex area of medical negligence was the right specialism for me.

I have since established a robust team of specialist birth injury solicitors, barristers and independent medical experts. My team and I are passionate about fighting for positive outcomes for families significantly let down by medical professionals.

We specialise in birth injuries including stillbirths, neonatal deaths, and serious injuries suffered before, during or just after a child’s birth leading to permanent disabilities.    

We fight even when the odds seem against us with NHS Trusts who may not be transparent about what happened, medical notes that may have been altered or are missing, and even in circumstances when other leading law firms have given up on a claim.

We understand the trauma experienced by families in these devastating circumstances and investigate every detail of what happened to get to the truth.

If you have a question about making a claim, please visit our FAQs page here.

You may also find it useful to hear the experience of working with us from some of our clients here.

We hope that you will never need our services, if you do, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Family mean the world to me and I am grateful to have these wonderful people in my life

Being a solicitor is only part of what defines and colours my approach. As a child, the youngest of 10, I quickly came to realise that you have to treat people with kindness and care to get the best out of them. I also realised that sometimes life is just not fair. As a mother I appreciated for the very first time what being scared really means. As a sister and friend I learnt tact and diplomacy and that when presented with a brick wall came to realise that there are more ways round it than just straight over the top. As a daughter, wife and partner, I appreciate listening not just to what is being said but also to what goes unsaid.

It is not all about a claim. Families need local authority help, equipment, accommodation and therapies. I provide more than just a legal service. My approach is holistic. I recognise the needs of families and the help they may well require to battle with Local Authorities to obtain equipment, accommodation and therapies. I am aware of how lonely it can be caring for a severely injured family member. I will provide help and assistance with issues far outside the actual claim.

Our years of experience and expertise enable us to obtain results where other solicitors have failed.

“Having heard the factual matters and difficulties… It is a miracle the Claimant recovered any damages at all. It is to her team’s credit that a result was achieved. I have no doubt that it was the skill of the legal team that led to the settlement achieved”

This is a quote from a judge in January 2016 commenting upon the results I achieved for my child client. We recovered an award of £6.6 million.

It is these skills and experience together with my legal knowledge, forensic analysis, and understanding of medicine that has resulted in my national reputation for pursuing complex high-value medical negligence claims. I can succeed where others have failed.

Please visit My Families and their testimonials, I hope their views and comments will help you choose me with confidence.


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