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The careful monitoring of both mother and baby can minimise the risk of cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy affects an estimated one in every 400 babies born in the UK and can be caused by damage to the brain which occurs before, during or just after birth.

The term CP describes a group of conditions affecting an individual’s movement and coordination with every individual affected in a different way, and to varying degrees.

Leading birth injuries solicitor, Diane Rostron explains: “Cerebral palsy can be caused by numerous incidents involving a serious injury to the brain. This includes significant insults affecting the brain before, during or just after birth. This may include in utero infection, bleeding from the placenta, oxygen deprivation, reduced blood to the brain or a physical trauma.

“Both mother and baby should be carefully monitored throughout this period to ensure that timely medical intervention can be implemented where appropriate to minimise or prevent irreversible damage.”

We talked to WalesOnline about cerebral palsy and how the lifelong condition affects families.


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