Shrewsbury maternity scandal leads to inquiry into NHS maternity safety

With a current count of almost 1,900 cases in the inquiry into Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust’s maternity care, a police investigation has been commissioned (30th June 2020). This investigation could see the institution or specific individuals facing criminal charges for medical negligence.

The extremity of this failure has brought to light an ongoing issue with the level of maternity safety at multiple Trusts across the UK leading to an inquiry by the Health and Social Care Committee into NHS maternity care.

The Shropshire investigation exposed the extent of the medical negligence at SaTH NHS Trust’s maternity services with cases dating back to 1979.

Poor maternity care has been highlighted in recent years with preventable birth injuries and baby deaths reported in the Morecambe Bay maternity scandal in 2015 and more recently in East Kent and Cwm Taf in South Wales.

Concerning statistics revealed in Shropshire regarding stillbirths, deaths shortly after birth and incidents of cerebral palsy and brain damage, is a serious worry for future mothers-to-be who will need reassurance that the Trust has the appropriate measures in place to avoid any further serious injuries.

Suffering the loss of a child is something that can never be healed, families are forced to learn to live with the pain and continue with the knowledge that things could have been different had they been provided with the appropriate level of care.

Our team offers extensive experience of working with families affected by these incidents helping families to gain the answers that they need and the compensation that they are entitled to. The inquiry into NHS maternity care and safety is long overdue, however, so important for many families who may be afraid to come forward or have yet to realise that the maternity care provided to them was below standard.

MPs are calling for evidence to be provided of the changes that will be implemented to improve maternity services and prevent further avoidable birth injuries including improved advice and guidance for pregnant women and extended training and support for maternity staff.

We believe that affected families deserve an apology and answers. These families also deserve the appropriate level of compensation and reassurance that significant improvements have been implemented.

With over 25 years’ experience in dealing with complex birth injury claims, we have helped many families secure multi-million-pound settlements in order to meet the needs of their child – both now and in the future.

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