My baby suffered a birth injury several years ago, can I still make a claim for compensation?

When a serious birth injury has occurred leading to catastrophic lifelong injuries, such as brain damage resulting in cerebral palsy, there is no time limit to starting a claim for compensation if the child has lost mental capacity as a consequence.

Historic birth injury claims

Our team of complex birth injury experts recently secured a settlement estimated to be worth around £18 million for a young man now aged in his 30s following an avoidable birth injury more than three decades ago.

His family had pursued the legal route with other solicitors unsuccessfully before instructing our team. Now an adult but operating as a three-year-old due to his significant injuries, the settlement agreed will cover his past care costs and will ensure a brighter future enabling him to live as independent a life as possible.

We hear from families who may have been given the wrong advice by other solicitors or have been let down when other firms have simply resigned their file as they believed it did not have a high enough chance of success.

Believing families impacted by a catastrophic birth injury

We hear from families who have been led to believe by the hospital responsible that nothing could have been done to prevent the catastrophic outcome.

We have taken on these, and other complex cases, and won.

We are not afraid of pursuing a case when key medical notes may be missing or when other solicitors have given up.

We understand that affected families must have answers. These families need compensation to meet their child’s complex needs.

Our team of leading birth injury experts take a forensic approach to investigating what happened on behalf of families left devastated and in the dark.

We leave no stone unturned and work with a team of independent medical experts and barristers who have helped us win even the toughest cases – time and again.

Methodically investigating the circumstances leading to a devastating birth injury

We are committed to getting to the bottom of exactly what happened, what should have happened, and what ultimately led to a catastrophic consequence. We are determined to secure the compensation that families in these traumatic circumstances desperately need in order to meet their child’s extensive needs.

It is all too common that following a serious incident that families are led to believe that the medical professionals involved could not have done anything differently to improve the outcome. We have won many cases where families have been wrongly misled by the hospital involved.

Birth injury compensation

Meeting the complex needs of a catastrophically injured child is beyond the means of most families. A range of specialist therapies, equipment, adapted living space and so much more are needed simply to ensure that a child living with an irreversible injury such as permanent brain damage, can have the best care and support for the rest of their lives.

Parents need regular respite in order to provide the care that their child, and any siblings, need. Compensation is available for families who have suffered following avoidable medical errors.

Our team can help to provide the answers, and to secure the compensation needed.

To hear more from the families that we have represented, and to contact the team, click here.

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