Medical negligence leads to £multi-million settlement following a treatable leg fracture - Diane Rostron

Medical negligence leads to £multi-million settlement following a treatable leg fracture

We recently secured nearly £5 million compensation for a client who suffered an avoidable below the knee amputation following a football injury.

He was admitted to hospital after fracturing his calf and shin after a bad tackle. Surgery took place with wire and a metal plate inserted to help repair the fracture.

Over the following six weeks he felt very unwell and was seen by medical staff on a weekly basis. There was evidence externally that his wound was not healing as well as it should have. He was prescribed antibiotics repeatedly but continued to feel unwell.

Further surgery was carried out to clean and drain the swollen wound, part of his wound was left exposed and he continued to feel ill.

Unconvinced that he had been provided with adequate medical care, our client requested a second opinion. It was discovered that the wire used in the initial surgery was in fact inappropriate for use in that part of the body and for that type of injury.

He had continued to feel unwell, despite taking a long course of antibiotics, because the wrongly used wire had in fact cut the blood supply to his bone and the bone in his leg had subsequently died.

Still a young man with a promising career ahead of him before his injury, our client had to undergo an entirely preventable below the knee amputation.

Our team of medical negligence specialists secured a significant settlement taking into account the loss of income as he was unable to return to his previous job due to this life changing injury.

Multiple medical practitioners were involved in his care. The initial serious mistake of inserting inappropriate wire to the fracture, was followed by failings to adequately investigate why the wound was not healing as expected, and why our client continued to feel unwell.

Medical negligence is thankfully rare, however, when these incidents occur, lives change permanently.

Our team of empathetic medical negligence solicitors are here to help offering in excess of 25 years’ experience.

We robustly, and meticulously, pursue evidence to secure the right level of compensation for clients.

To contact our friendly team, click here. To hear about our service from some of our clients, visit this page here.

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