Maternity units run by Cwm Taf University Morgannwg Health Board placed into special measures

Leading birth injuries solicitor Diane Rostron comments on the announcement made today (30th April 2019) that the maternity services managed by the Cwm Taf University Morgannwg Health Board have been placed under special measures:

“The findings of the independent investigation vindicate the serious concerns that I, and the families that I represent, have had for several years in relation to the maternity units run by the Cwm Taf University Morgannwg Health Board.

“The level of patient care delivered at these units has been significantly below the expected standards for a period that precedes the scope of this investigation by several years.

“The investigation has highlighted serious failings at every level. Further questions must be asked with regards to why the Health Board failed to address the in-depth review carried out by a consultant midwife in September 2018 which exposed the same shortfalls in the service being provided to mothers and babies within its maternity units.

“My team are currently representing several affected families with incidents including what we believe were preventable birth injuries. Serious failings have continued at these hospitals for more than a decade based on our current evidence.

“There will sadly no doubt be several more families who were either told, or simply believed, that the death or serious birth injury suffered by their family was just one of those things and who may well now question whether this was actually the case.

“While placing the maternity services into special measures vindicates the concerns of the families who have suffered historically, it is extremely concerning for the mothers-to-be who will need reassurance that significant action and preventative measures are being put into place immediately to prevent further families from suffering in the same way.”


Affected families can contact Diane Rostron and her team for a confidential consultation on 01253 766 559.

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