Could my child’s cerebral palsy have been prevented? - Diane Rostron

Could my child’s cerebral palsy have been prevented?

Cerebral palsy is a complex condition and may, in some cases, have been caused by an injury suffered before, during or just after birth.

If the child suffered oxygen deprivation during this critical period as a result of delays in their delivery, or other medical errors during the pregnancy and birth, it could be the reason that they developed cerebral palsy.

A permanent, and irreversible condition, each individual with CP will be affected differently. Often not fully diagnosed until a child is four or five, the short- and long-term impact of a cerebral palsy diagnosis will present parents with the challenge of how to meet their child’s lifelong complex needs.

Specialist equipment, a range of therapies, adapted or new accommodation and, for some children, 24-hour care, are often needed to provide a child with cerebral palsy with the best quality of life possible.

A child with cerebral palsy that could have been avoided had the appropriate level of medical care been provided before, during or just after their birth, is entitled to compensation.

What should I do if I suspect my child’s cerebral palsy could have been avoided?

When it is suspected that a child’s CP was a result of medical negligence, a compensation claim should be sought in order to provide for their lifelong care and support needs.

The law currently places the burden of proof on the family. In order to access justice, it must be proved that the medical care provided fell below acceptable standards, and that this caused an injury leading to CP.

Cerebral palsy claims are complex and require both specialist legal and medical experts to prove, and ultimately, to secure the compensation required.

What can I expect if I start a cerebral palsy claim?

Cerebral palsy compensation claims are complex cases, both legally and medically. Successful claims result in £multi-million in compensation as this is the cost of providing the care and support needed for the duration of an affected child’s lifetime.

These claims have to be hard fought and will take several years to reach conclusion. A solicitor will however, secure interim payments from the hospital involved during the course of legal proceedings.

How much will it cost if I pursue a cerebral palsy claim?

Our team of birth injury specialists work on a no win no fee basis. We have a strong track record gained over 25+ years in this complex area of law.

If you believe that your child’s cerebral palsy could have been prevented with the appropriate level of medical care, we are here to listen, and to help. Hear from some of our clients.

We have won £multi-million settlements for children affected by CP – often in instances when other law firms have failed to reach a successful outcome, and even when the incident is historic.

There are time limits to pursuing a cerebral palsy claim unless your child has lost mental capacity as a result of their injuries.

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