Listening to instincts following a suspected birth injury

Every mother knows her own body and knows if something does not feel right during pregnancy and birth. Birth injury red flags may include not being listened to by medical staff when raising concerns, or not having these concerns taken seriously. Worrying signs of panic during the delivery of the baby or actions such as … Read more, 26 June 2019

When our specialist team is approached for support, our clients are broken following a devastating incident of medical negligence. Their pain is further compounded in the knowledge that what happened should and could have been avoided. Transparency from the medical professionals involved is vital to help affected families start to heal. Read more in our piece on

Lancashire Evening Post, 11 June 2019

We were very pleased to secure a £multi-million settlement for our client following an entirely preventable birth injury. The compensation will help to give the family a better quality of life and the support to pay for all the care needed.

Compensation does not remove the pain following medical negligence

High value medical negligence settlements often hit the headlines, however, behind the £multi-million compensation payouts is significant hidden, and ongoing, hardship and pain. The NHS treats millions of patients each year and, in most cases, the care provided leads to patients leaving hospital safe and well. For some however, medical failings lead to serious injuries … Read more

WalesOnline, 31 May 2019

The families who ask for our help following medical negligence are significantly traumatised. What they really need, but rarely receive, is a heartfelt apology from those who have failed in their duty of care. Read our piece on WalesOnline.