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Families affected by a birth injury suffer for life

Preventable birth injuries thankfully rarely occur with most babies delivered safe and well. For the small minority who are affected by an avoidable incident however, the physical and psychological effects are lifelong and impact every area of a family’s life. Taking place before, during or just after birth, a significant

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Compensation does not remove the pain following medical negligence

High value medical negligence settlements often hit the headlines, however, behind the £multi-million compensation payouts is significant hidden, and ongoing, hardship and pain. The NHS treats millions of patients each year and, in most cases, the care provided leads to patients leaving hospital safe and well. For some however, medical

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Timely sepsis treatment is essential

It was announced in February that a new sepsis test, which promises to diagnose the potentially life-threatening condition within three minutes, would be available on the NHS within the next three to five years. According to the UK Sepsis Trust, sepsis kills 52,000 people per year. National guidelines set out

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In the news

BBC News, 10 May 2018

We represented the family of 45-year-old Paul Wilkinson who died after Blackpool Victoria Hospital failed to diagnose and treat his sepsis in a timely manner.

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