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What is a wrongful birth, and can I claim compensation in 2021?

‘Wrongful birth’ is a legal term for compensation claims that result due to the birth of a child either in circumstances where a vasectomy or sterilisation has failed, or when medical professionals have neglected to detect a serious physical or cognitive disability which may have led to a termination had

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Making a birth injury claim – what you need to know

Making the decision as a family to pursue a birth injury claim following a serious incident that is believed to have been preventable often follows frustrated attempts to receive an acknowledgement and answers from the hospital responsible. In some cases, it may be some time before it is realised that

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BBC News, 10 May 2018

We represented the family of 45-year-old Paul Wilkinson who died after Blackpool Victoria Hospital failed to diagnose and treat his sepsis in a timely manner.

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