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Cwm Taf maternity services – listening to families

The current stream of news highlighting serious issues in maternity services in England and Wales is a real worry for those planning to start, or grow, their family. What began as a seemingly isolated issue when the Morecambe Bay maternity scandal was exposed in 2015, has since transpired to be

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Everything you need to know about cerebral palsy compensation

What it is and why you may be entitled to cerebral palsy compensation Cerebral palsy, or CP, is a complicated lifelong condition leading to wide ranging complex physical and mental support needs. In some cases, the condition is a result of inadequate medical care provided before, during or just after

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What to do if you suspect a birth injury

It can take some time before a birth injury is suspected. As a child develops, they may miss key developmental milestones or display other symptoms indicating that a serious injury may have occurred before, during or just after their birth. A significant injury at birth may lead to brain damage,

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Could my child’s cerebral palsy have been prevented?

Cerebral palsy is a complex condition and may, in some cases, have been caused by an injury suffered before, during or just after birth. If the child suffered oxygen deprivation during this critical period as a result of delays in their delivery, or other medical errors during the pregnancy and

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We talked to ITV News Wales after securing £17.9 million for a family affected by a serious birth injury

Diane Rostron talked to ITV News Wales after successfully securing £17.9 million for a South Wales family following a preventable birth injury at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital. The family had complained direct to the hospital following the incident in 2012 but their complaint was not upheld. The hospital conducted its own Serious Case Review but concluded that no mistakes had taken place. We represented the family and legal action resulted in liability being admitted and much needed compensation to cover their child’s extensive care needs for life.

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